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Ordering custom perforated metal: 7 Key Qs

Ordering custom perforated metal is an in-depth process compared to ordering standard in-stock profiles. Do you know the key questions you need to consider to make sure you get the right result?

From base material and perforation pattern to hole size, open-area percentage, environment and functionality, there are lots of factors we need to take into account before manufacturing begins.

Here are the seven key questions we’ll ask, when you’re ordering custom perforated metal from us:

1. What is the custom perforated metal needed for?

Performance is the next vital consideration. Is the perforated metal needed for a functional purpose, supporting or carrying weight such as balustrade? Is it decorative only, for example privacy screening or a facade? Or is it needed for acoustic or environmental benefits? What the perforated metal will actually do when installed affects the entire specification.

2. Where is it going to be installed?

Will the perforated metal be indoors or outdoors? Is it in a marine environment? What are the typical local weather conditions? If the metal is indoors, you have more freedom in choice of finish, but outdoor installations need special care to maintain durability and aesthetic appeal.

3. What else do you want the perforated metal to do?

Custom perforated metal can be designed to maximise ventilation, privacy, alter internal acoustics and more. If you’re creating your own design, it’s a great opportunity to specify additional functional benefits.

4. How important is sustainability?

Perforated metal is often specified for environmentally-friendly projects because of its recyclability and the sustainable manufacturing process at Arrow Metal. We can use metal with a high recycled content that still gives you the result you need.

5. Do you want the metal to be coloured or have a special finish?

You can colour custom perforated metal in any shade you wish, including the latest on-trend hues, metallic brass or gold effects, together with functional finishes for durability.

6. What’s the budget?

Budget is the biggest factor that influences the metal you’ll get for your money. But even if your budget is small, it doesn’t mean ordering customised perforated metal is out of reach. We’ll advise a solution that still gives you an element of personalisation, to achieve the look and performance you need.

7. How soon do you need the custom perforated metal?

If you know you’re going to be ordering custom perforated metal, it’s advisable to seek our advice at the earliest stage. Customisation is a collaborative process, involving CAD drawings, samples and approvals. The more time we have the better, to ensure everything has been carefully considered. If you need a very quick turnaround, fully-customised perforated metal won’t be achievable. But we do have in-stock profiles that can be customised through finish and colour, ready for delivery to anywhere in Australia.

Custom perforated metal expertise

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Ordering perforated metal - 7 important questions to ask

Posted: November 5, 2018

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