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The Open Area of Perforated Metal and How to Use It

The open area of perforated metal determines not just how it looks but how it functions.

When specifying perforated metal, the open area is expressed as a percentage. It tells you how much of sheet is made up of punched holes, and how much is the metal material. So if a specific profile has 30% open area, this means 30% of the perforated metal sheet is holes, and 70% is the metal, such as aluminium or steel.

Calculating the open area of perforated metal

Specific individual calculations are used to work out the open area of perforated metal for every perforated metal profile Arrow Metal manufacturers, from round holes to hexagons, slots and squares. So the percentage of open area of round holes with a straight arrangement will be calculated differently to hexagonal holes in a diagonal pitch.

At Arrow Metal we provide all the required formulas for working out percentage of open area, to help guide you in choosing the right open area of perforated metal for your project.

Open area of perforated metal for specific applications

The open area of perforated metal is crucial because it’s one of the details that reveals how suitable a specific profile is for the application you have in mind – such as ventilation, acoustic control or lighting.

But it isn’t the sole consideration to determine whether a perforated metal product can achieve the required result.  As the open area of perforated metal can be achieved in a number of ways, hole size and pitch – the distance between hole centres in adjacent rows – are also vital.

For example, Arrow Metal manufacturers two styles of perforated metal sheets, both with a 58% open area. One has large holes spaced out (40mm diameter, 50mm staggered pitch) whilst the other has lots of smaller holes, closer together (8mm diameter holes, 10mm staggered pitch).

The hole size and pitch means each performs differently, although the open area of perforated metal is the same.

The intended function of the perforated metal sheets identifies what open area percentage, hole size, shape and pitch you need. For acoustics for instance, to scatter and reflect sound many small round perforations tightly spaced allow maximum sound transparency, as the amount of metal material that blocks sound is minimal.

Perforated metal advice: Specification expertise from Arrow Metal

If you need guidance on the open area of perforated metal you need, Arrow Metal’s specialist team can help. Our years of expertise in manufacturing perforated metal means we have in-depth knowledge of the unique capabilities of all profiles, and can advise you on the best product for your project.

We have many popular perforated metal profiles ready in-stock, for immediate dispatch across Australia. We also specialise in custom perforated metal solutions.

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Posted: March 22, 2021

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