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New Creative Perforated Metal Designs Out Now

Perforated Metal for Como Station - Pattern 2319

Exciting launch news! We have just added a huge range of brand new, exclusive patterns to our made-to-order perforated metal catalogue. Featuring never-seen-before shapes and styles, our new collections of creative perforated metal designs have the WOW-factor for all types of architecture projects.

Designed and manufactured in-house by the Arrow Metal team, our new additions are ideal if you are looking for patterns that are different from the usual profiles.

We have brand new takes on round holes, round-end slots, imaginative shapes, and a fantastic, must-see dual design hack for our very stylish, raised perforated metal.

All these designs are available in a range of metals and panel sizes, with a turnaround time of approximately two to three weeks. There are even more designs to come – be the first to know by signing up for our regular e-newsletter!

New creative perforated metal designs for 2022

Impact Collection: New exotic shapes

Pattern 8423

The Impact collection is your go-to for unusual decorative patterns that make a statement! These new profiles do not fit into the standard shape moulds. Instead, they are new interpretations of star shapes, diamonds, and polygons:

Pattern 8423 – 8423 is a star design with a soft, rather than sharp, outline, which makes it particularly suited to many different interior design uses. Each star is 20mm diameter, with panel open area of 57%.

Pattern 848 – 848 is a houndstooth-style pattern, a bold yet delicate geometric design that’s oh-so sophisticated for modern interiors. 848 features 58 x 35mm diamonds, with a 48% open area.

Pattern 8652 – 8652 is a slim and delicate pattern featuring an elongated 45 x 15mm polygon. Inspired by natural crystal shapes, this 62% open area profile works for interiors of all eras.

Pattern 8652 polygon holes perforated metal

Orbital Collection: Seven new round hole styles 

Round is the ‘little black dress’ of perforated metal – it never goes out of style! Which is why we’ve given it a new look for modern architecture, with seven new round-hole patterns that celebrate the classic circle and give you greater flexibility and precision control for light filtration, ventilation, and panel appearance.

Pattern 2319: Can’t decide on circle size? Have them all with 2319! It features five different hole sizes in one panel, for an irregular and intriguing design that gives any project unique appeal. You can see how amazing it looks once installed here – it is this design, finished in gold, that was used for our Como train station project. 2319 is a 19.2mm straight pitch with a 23% open area.

Pattern 2459: 2459 combines large and small hole sizes in a 25.4mm pitch. 19mm and 9.5mm circles sit side-by-side, giving this pattern a bubbly, dynamic edge. 2459’s open area is 55%.

Pattern 242: One of our straight pitch designs, 242 features rows of 9mm circles for a clean and uncluttered look. Featuring a 16mm pitch and an open area of 25%, we love 242 for its stylish simplicity!

If you do favour a more traditional style, new patterns 248, 235, 230, and 229 all feature different variations of the round hole in a popular staggered pitch. From 230’s closely packed 4.76mm circles and the polka-dot style of 235 and 248, to 229’s spaced out, ultra-private design, we have the right round hole panel for your project.

Futuristic Collection: New round-end slots & square 

Round end slot perforated metal

Round-end slots are a hidden gem for creative perforated metal designs because they offer the perfect combination of functionality and understated style. Used in the right way, round-end shapes can achieve light and airy aesthetics, yet still with plenty of privacy – as seen here at our University of Newcastle NUspace project.

We’ve added two new round-end slots and another square style to our range:

Pattern 380 – 380 is a chunky, round-end slot design. Featuring short slots of 8mm x20mm and a 40% open area, 380 is a robust profile suited to many applications.

Pattern 370 – 370 is an elongated and slim round-end slot design, for a lean and elegant panel style. 370’s round-end slots are 4.76mm x 25.4mm, with an open area of 40%.

Pattern 415 – 415 is a classic 10x10mm square profile with a 44% open area, and bold, thick lines for visual impact.

Cosmic Collection: New hexagon profiles 


Hexagon perforated metal

We’ve expanded our hexagon Cosmic collection for 2022, offering even more design choice of this popular shape. New additions include:

Pattern 620 (Sirius) – 620 is a chunky honeycomb profile that makes a big style impact. It has 20mm AF hexagons, a 32mm pitch, and a 39% open area.

Pattern 621 (Vela) – 621 is a neat, small-sized hexagon design. It has 20mm AF hexagons, a 28mm pitch, and a 51% open area.

Pattern 622  (Maia) – Revised for 2022, 622 is an eye-catching honeycomb design. Featuring 20mm AF hexagons and a 25mm pitch, Maia’s 64% open area creates a delicate and light design.

Pattern 629 (Electra): With the biggest open area in the hexagon range of 72%, our updated Electra design features AF hexagon holes of 28mm and a 33mm pitch.

Cranebrook Village perforated metal by Arrow Metal

Explore all our hexagon designs here and for ideas and inspiration, take a look at our project for Cranebrook shopping centre.

Raised Collection: New 3D creative perforated metal designs

Raised perforated metal is traditionally used for safety purposes, and our new design pattern 545 will certainly perform when it comes to anti-slip and drainage installations. But what if we told you that this profile can also create an incredible 3D effect – just by making one simple switch?

Pattern 545 front side

Pattern 545 back

Simply turn the panel around so that the raised holes are facing the inside and you instantly have a concave, smooth 3D surface! This dual-use design is great for futuristic and tactile decorative aesthetics, especially if finished in colour or a metallic effect. It features 20mm raised holes and 14mm drain holes in a straight pitch, with a 23% open area.

How to order one of our new creative perforated metal designs

For more information on panel specifications, metal options, and customisation, or to order, call our team on (02) 9748 2200.

Or you can send us an online enquiry here.

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Posted: February 16, 2022

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