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Must-see metal architecture trends

From a giant spiky structure to intricate wire mesh interiors and delicate perforated metal facades, architects around the world are taking metal architecture trends to new innovative heights.

Take a look at some of these amazing architectural projects which use perforated metal, woven or welded wire mesh:

Neuron Pod, London by aLL Design

This metal beast in London, England, is actually a futuristic and fantastic learning space designed to inspire young people into science. Created by aLL Design Architects for Centre of the Cell at the Blizard Institute, Neuron Pod is based on a neuron cell. Featuring a weathered steel shell and fibre-optic hairs which light up at night, visitors enter the pod via a raised wire mesh screened coloured walkway with a perforated metal floor. The new Neuron Pod will host science shows, youth workshops, adult activities and weekend events.

Metal architecture trends - Neuron Pod London Metal architecture trends - Neuron Pod London Metal architecture trends - Neuron Pod London

Images sourced from aLL Design

Van Horne Avenue, Montreal, by Paul Bernier Architects

Only the concrete ground floor of this two-storey building in Van Horne Avenue, Montreal has been preserved as part of an ambitious residential renovation. With the ground floor for commercial purposes, the second floor was turned into a rental apartment and a new, third level added to be a private home for the owner. Architects Paul Bernier added a striking, white perforated metal facade to bring privacy to the residential floors, with different transparencies achieved through variation of pattern size and open area percentage. Look closely and you’ll see there’s the shadow of a tree in the facade too. At Arrow Metal we can incorporate illustrations and images into perforated metal through CAD drawing.

Metal architecture trends - Van Horne Avenue Metal architecture trends - Van Horne Avenue Metal architecture trends - Van Horne Avenue

Images sourced from Paul Bernier

Industrial Exploratorium, Tianjin, by Bernard Tschumi Architects

The perforated metal facade of the new Exploratorium industrial museum in Tianjin, China, is a beautiful example of new metal architecture trends. Covering the entire 33,000 sq metre building, the impressive facade unites all its different elements and minimises heat gain. Inside the museum designed by Bernard Tschumi Architects, visitors will find halls filled with space rockets, flying machines and other-worldly wonders, connected via its giant central cone which also acts as a solar chimney.

Metal architecture trends - tschumi project Metal architecture trends - tschumi project

Residential reconstruction, San Mateo, by MCEA & NAOS 04

When the original iconic San Mateo residential building was demolished after an earthquake, a joint development with each property owner was the only solution to ensure happy homes for all. Architects MCEA and Naos 4 worked with all owners to create flexible layouts that met current and future needs and reflected how each individual lived. Part of this personalisation was achieved through clever use of a metal shutter facade, which continuously changes the look of the building as occupants open and close the screens. Take a look at a similar project Arrow Metal completed at the Infinity Apartments, Canterbury.

Metal architecture trends - MCEA Metal architecture trends - MCEA Metal architecture trends - MCEA

Images sourced from MCEA

Suiba Kitchen, Tokyo by Schemata Architects

Rental kitchens are cooking up a storm in Tokyo as people seek interactive-style cuisine, and at this studio kitchen by Schemata Architects wire mesh is the perfect ingredient. A party place for participating in food and beverage events and informal dinners cooked by other guests, its open and airy exposed interior is created through use of wire mesh balustrade and a glass frontage for transparency and passer-by curiosity.

Metal architecture trends - Suiba Kitchen Tokyo Metal architecture trends - Suiba Kitchen Tokyo

Images sourced from  Schemata Architects

Metal architecture trends: Expertise & advice from Arrow Metal

From a fully-customised perforated metal facade to wire mesh profiles, talk to the Arrow Metal team about what we can achieve for your project. We use the very latest tooling equipment and CAD drawing for precision-made architectural perforated metal and wire mesh that meets your budget and timescales. Call us on (02) 9748 2200 or send us an online enquiry.

Posted: April 18, 2019

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