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Modern perforated metal designs

One of the biggest advantages of perforated metal is that it’s one of the most adaptable architectural materials you can use. From the most modern perforated metal designs to traditional metal patterns for conservation schemes, every aspect of perforated metal such as the pattern, base metal and finish can all be customised for the perfect project match.

Here are some of our favourite modern perforated metal designs, that go beyond typical perforation patterns for maximum aesthetic appeal and functionality:

Imperial War Museum, Cambridge, England

Housing over 100 years of historical artworks, photographs, letters and diaries covering the history of warfare, what makes the Imperial War Museum’s new Paper Store so fascinating is the fact that the weathered steel facade actually represents the collected documentation.

Each panel relates to every year from 1914, with key wartime years and collections heavily perforated in accordance to the volume of information stored. Designed by sustainable architecture practice Architype, the environmental conditions within the building were a vital consideration to preserve the collection for future generations.

So although it is clad in perforated metal, it is actually one of the most airtight buildings in the world.

modern perforated metal designs modern perforated metal designs

modern perforated metal designs

Images sourced from Architype

46 Lodgements, Ile Saint-Denis, Paris

The rippling shape of the balconies of this Paris apartment block on the banks of the River Seine is really making waves when it comes to modern perforated metal designs.

Designed by Peripheriques Marin+Trottin and Jumeau Architectes, the bands of different coloured perforated metal terraces help to break up the impact of the facade, whilst still maintaining the scenic views over the River.

The placement of each protruding curve was also carefully designed, to maximise sunlight into every apartment.

modern perforated metal designs modern perforated metal designs

Images sourced from Anne -Françoise JUMEAU Architects

Tainan Tung-Men Holiness Church, Taiwan

With a facade inspired by delicate eagle feathers, this church in Taiwan is soaring modern perforated metal designs to new heights.

Designed by MAYU Architects to emotionally connect church members to the building architecture, the eagle was chosen as a biblical metaphor, based on passages from the Bible.

The direction of each feather-like perforated metal screen is calculated by the Fibonacci sequence – one of the most famous formulas in mathematics – which makes the facade ‘soft, transparent and flowing’.

What makes the use of perforated metal even more unique and clever is that when viewed from the inside, the feather facade looks like sheer fabric, presenting the world outside in a ‘different light’ to members of the church.

modern perforated metal designs modern perforated metal designs modern perforated metal designs

Images sourced from MAYU Architects

Wanderwall, Charlotte, North Carolina

There’s no way you can miss this bright blue and green hued building in Charlotte, North Carolina. The vision of Marc Fornes/TheVeryMany, the distinctive and eye-catching folded aluminium exterior of Stonewall Station parking garage is made up of over 5,700 individual parts.

Through eight storeys of vibrant perforated panels, the building has become a bright beacon for the city, which offers unique and changing experiences.

From a distance it’s a colourful curiosity, get up close and the maze-like pattern comes into play, for an immersive experience of discovery and wonder. What is most amazing is that there is no secondary structure to hold the facade in place – it is one continuous piece, that was assembled completely onsite.

modern perforated metal designs modern perforated metal designs modern perforated metal designs

Images sourced from Marc Fornes/TheVeryMany

Modern perforated metal designs: Arrow Metal customisation capability

Create your own modern metal design with Arrow Metal. We create bespoke perforated metal for all types of projects, from the most intricate patterns to unique shapes, wording and illustrations.

Using CAD technology, your designs will be precision perforated for the perfect result and fit on site.

Take a look at our Projects for inspiration and talk to our team to explore our custom capabilities on (02) 9748 2200. Or send us an online enquiry.

Posted: August 13, 2019

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