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Mixing perforated metal design ideas

What goes with perforated metal? Everything! Metal is one of the most versatile architectural materials, that works with whatever it’s put with – even other metal tones. Think wood with metal, glass with metal, and yes, even gold with silver!

Here’s a quick guide to mixing perforated metal, including the different types of metals that we perforate, and some great examples of mix-and-match projects that we’ve worked on at Arrow Metal, for ideas and inspiration.

Mixing perforated metal: Layering metal tones

Metals bring instant luxe, richness, and glamour to interior spaces, so why settle on just one tone when you can have it all? Layer gold accents with brushed aluminium for instance, and you have the perfect balance of warm and cool. No wonder mixed metallics has become such an interior trend!

Just take a look at Basement Brewhouse, which has a full metal mix of gold, copper, and stainless steel. We manufactured the gold-finished perforated ceiling panels for the brewery bar, which perfectly complement the copper pipes and stainless steel brewing tanks.

Mixing perforated metal - Basement Brewhouse project by Arrow Metal

If you’re looking for warm or cool-toned perforated metals for your projects, we perforate metals including:  

  • Aluminium: Aluminium is one of the most popular metals for interiors and exteriors. A strong yet lightweight metal, it’s easy to perforate and flexible, making it ideal for creating curved and shaped installations.
  • Stainless Steel: A shiny and attractive metal, stainless steel creates a bright and clean aesthetic. We perforate 304 and 316 grades of stainless steel – learn about the differences between the two types here.
  • Steel: Steel is a heavy, strong, and durable metal which makes it ideal for load-bearing interior applications like staircases.
  • Brass: Warm, rich, and inviting, brass is a favourite for interiors because it has all the appeal and shine of gold, without the expense. We perforate brass panels and supply brass wire mesh. See our brass wire mesh installed in this home in Perth, where it was used to create kitchen cabinets. Note how the brass is paired with cool metals and tones in the rest of the space!
Mixing perforated metal - Perth House - Project by Arrow Metal

Achieving a metallic look with a finish

One of the most popular and cost-effective ways to get the perfect metal mix is to use a finish.

Pick the best base metal that meets your project’s performance requirements and we can use a metallic finish to create a copper, gold, silver, or brass effect. Talk to our team to discuss the most suitable base metals for your project and the finishes that will achieve the metallic tone you’re looking for.

Mixing perforated metals with other materials

It’s not just metal-on-metal where perforated metal has the golden touch. You’ll often see it mixed with wood or glass. Such as wood flooring with perforated metal stairs, or a perforated metal facade or privacy screen against glass windows.

The metal panels that we manufactured for 100 Mount Street’s glass-enclosed fire stairs show the modern aesthetic that can be achieved when mixing perforated metal with other materials. The bright white of the perforated panels is a crisp and elegant contrast against the warm wood and transparent glass.

Mixing perforated metal - 100 Mount St - project by Arrow Metal

Another wood-and-metal mixed project, but this time for a residential home, is our project in Balmain. We manufactured a black custom staircase and screening, perforated with a pattern inspired by a family photograph.

Mixing perforated metal - Balmain House - Project by Arrow Metal

For mixing metal with glass, take a look at our striking project for Perth’s Westin Hotel, which features black perforated metal panels against a glazed exterior.

Mixing perforated metal - Westin Hotel Perth

Mixing perforated metal made easy with Arrow Metal

Want more inspiration? Take a look at our Project gallery and call our team on (02) 9748 2200 to explore the perforated metals and metallic effects that we can produce for your project.

We work with architects and designers across Australia, manufacturing and supplying standard, made-to-order and custom-made panels for all types of retail, commercial, hospitality, residential, public transport, and leisure projects.

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Posted: September 30, 2021

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