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Metal Playgrounds climb up the trends

There is a new kid on the block for inspiring urban playspaces. Metal playgrounds are swinging into favour as landscape architects and designers increasingly seek to reflect the inner-city landscape.

Modern metal playgrounds use wire mesh and perforated metal not only for strength and durability, but to decorate and create interactive and fun elements for kids to scale.

Explore some of these ultra-urban modern metal playgrounds to see how perforated metal and wire mesh contributes to engaging play:

Perforated metal playbox

Inside this stack of intriguing metal boxes are slides, climbing nets and a trampoline. Designed by BASE, the playground is made from a timber frame enclosed by powder-coated perforated metal cladding. Part of a regeneration project to revive the Genicart housing estate district in Bordeaux, France, the entire playground is purposely raised off the ground to allow youngsters access through the base. It also features parent observation platforms, to see the children at play.

Metal Playgrounds made with metal panels Metal Playgrounds made with metal panels Metal Playgrounds made with metal panels

Images sourced from BASE

Vertical metal playgrounds

Playground specialists Lappset have twisted the concept of a playground to create the perfect solution when urban space is limited. The Wall-Holla vertical playground is fast popping up in different countries, including Sweden, Asia and Germany, which boasts the world’s biggest Wall-Holla at 36 metres wide. The metal mesh structure is home to colourful ribbons and strips for children to traverse through numerous platforms. Completely customisable, the clever design offers up to six times more play space than a traditional playground of the same surface area.

Metal Playgrounds - Lappset playground concept Metal Playgrounds - Lappset playground concep

Images sourced from Lappset

Narellan Town Centre play area, Narellan

A decorative use of perforated metal creates a real sense of community at this modern playground at Narellan Town Centre shopping mall. The bright red circling screens feature images of the local landscape including steam trains and trees, together with historical information. The Arrow Metal team custom perforated the intricate design using CAD technology for developer Landscape Solutions. Perforating metal with illustrations and words has helped to create a visual, fun and appealing playspace for the mall’s redevelopment.

Metal Playgrounds - Arrow Metal perforated panels - Sydney Metal Playgrounds - Arrow Metal perforated panels - Sydney

Materials for metal playgrounds

Talk to the Arrow Metal team for expert advice on the right materials for metal playgrounds. We can advise on the best perforated metal and wire mesh profiles to suit your landscape project, that meet all the required strength, durability and health and safety specifications.

We have a large range of perforated metal and wire mesh in-stock ready to ship if you need a quick turnaround, or we can custom perforate a design of your choosing. Call us on (02) 9748 2200 or send us an online enquiry.

Posted: February 11, 2019

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