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Metal Perforation Q&As: Ask Our Experts

Planning and designing projects for 2023? We have the metal perforation expertise and solutions to fulfil the most complex project requirements. We have substantially increased our perforated metal catalogue, providing architects and designers even more creative pattern choice and customisation capability for project success.

Read through this latest Q&A with our metal perforation team to learn more about the perforated metal options for your 2023 projects that meet performance, budget, design, and sustainability demands, and the very latest technologies we use to bring your perforated metal ideas to life.

If you have a perforated metal query or need product advice for upcoming projects, contact us: or (02) 9748 2200.

Metal Perforation: Your Latest Qs Answered

What sort of quality assurance do I have when I order from Arrow Metal?

Every sheet that leaves our NSW factory is checked by hand to ensure it meets our own strict quality standards before shipment. Quality applies to every aspect of ordering and production – from the world-class punching machinery we use to the manual processes and checks we perform as an Australian manufacturer. It’s why we are trusted suppliers for leading architects, contractors, and design studios, with our perforated metal used for all types of projects across Australia, from Sydney heritage buildings to major transport hubs and award-winning educational institutions.

What is the maximum sheet size that can be perforated?

Our new punching machinery – one of our key investments this year – can perforate sheets up to 5000mm x 1500mm. Large-scale sheets are 100% accurately perforated for a superior finish and faster turnaround time.

Can I change or customise any metal perforation design to suit my project?

Yes – this is one of the key advantages of using perforated metal. If there is a made-to-order pattern that is right for your project in terms of style but needs slight alteration for performance or aesthetics, we can change factors such as hole size and open area percentage. We also have our new, exclusive 2022 collection of customisable designs that are ideal for projects that need a bespoke solution but have a limited budget.

Can I see any pattern samples?

Yes, we provide free samples which we will courier direct to you, so you can see our quality first-hand and make an informed decision about which style suits your project and design vision. All our samples are sent in a professionally packaged portfolio, with all pattern specification details. To order samples, simply email or call us on (02) 9748 2200.

What finishes and effects are available after metal perforation?

We can apply colours, special paint effects, and durable coatings. Depending on the pattern, we can also shape and bend your panels ready for installation, such as a gentle curve for a staircase balustrade or shaped to match the building form. Learn more about how we curve panels and pattern considerations here. 

I have a metal perforation design ready drawn or an idea in mind – can you manufacture it?

Yes – we will first check design suitability for manufacture and suggest any amends that might be needed to your design to meet performance requirements. If your design is not already in CAD format, we will translate your image into a CAD drawing which is used to control our punching machinery for 100% accuracy. We can produce almost any design in perforated metal – learn more about our PixelPerf ™ custom perforated metal service here. 

What is the typical turnaround time for a perforated metal order?

Lead times range from next-day dispatch for our standard in-stock panels to as soon as two to three weeks for made-to-order, customisable, and custom designs, with the final lead time subject to the scope of your project. We will advise the lead time for your specific panel requirements when you order.

Where can I find out more information about metal perforation options for my projects?

Download our new Arrow Metal catalogue here which features a comprehensive metal specification chart for quick reference. Our new catalogue provides a great overview of the types of metals we perforate, our range of patterns, metal perforation capabilities, customisation options, and the exclusive creative designs that are available for your projects. Chat through your project scope with our team on (02) 9748 2200 – we are always happy to help and advise.

Browse or download our Perforated Metal Catalogue  or  Project Look Book for more perforated metal inspiration.

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Posted: November 10, 2022

2 responses to “Metal Perforation Q&As: Ask Our Experts”

  1. Riccardo Tossani says:

    I am designing a project at a seaside location. I wish to use perforated metal panels for aesthetic cladding as well as sunshades.
    I am concerned about corrosion given proximity to the sea.
    What do you recommend?

    • Arrow Metal says:

      Hi Riccardo,
      We recommend using aluminium at a seaside locations. The aluminium needs to be finished by anodising or powder coating. A warranty for these products is available subject to site confirmation.
      The use of a marine grade of aluminium is often recommended though this grade may not have consistent results when anodising.

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