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Metal mesh weaves its magic: Ideas & inspo

What type of metal is transparent, but solid and strong at the same time? It’s metal mesh – and it’s a great material if you want to add a sense of lightness yet create visual impact.

At Arrow Metal we have architectural woven metal mesh ready for delivery from our Silverwater factory to anywhere in Australia.

Let’s look at how to use metal mesh, and ordering options with Arrow Metal.

What is metal mesh?

Metal mesh is made by either weaving or welding metal wires together, to create a ‘grid effect’.

Woven wire mesh, which weaves longitudinal and transverse wires, is a fine yet strong and pliable mesh.

Welded wire mesh has a much more industrial appearance. Wires are welded together at specific points to make a mesh that is extremely strong and rigid.

What is metal mesh used for?

Because of its strength, transparency and sheer aesthetics, wire mesh is used for all sorts of building and architectural projects. It’s also used for functional purposes, such as industrial and fencing.

Wire mesh in architecture is often used for:

  • Building facades and window screening – it offers excellent light and ventilation whilst still maintaining privacy
  • Interior room dividers
  • Decorative screening
  • Staircase balustrade – it offers strength and support without the solid bulk of traditional materials
  • Interior fittings for instant industrial style

Wire mesh is also a favourite material for artists and designers. Such as world-renowned Italian sculpture artist Edoardo Tresoldi, who creates mega mesh public art using the material, because of its ethereal appearance.

Metal mesh project ideas

Take a look at our completed Projects for more ideas on how to use metal mesh. There’s brass mesh used in the elevators at Sydney’s iconic QVB, in keeping with the building’s architecture.

QVB Lift - brass wire mesh

And the renovation of St Paul’s Church in Armidale, which needed a particular style of mesh for the vital conservation of the stained glass windows.

Metal mesh - Armidale church restoration project

Or explore how one couple transformed their home’s interior with brass mesh kitchen cabinets .

Metal mesh by Arrow Metal - kitchen cabinet Metal mesh by Arrow Metal - kitchen cabinet

Metal mesh options and how to order

Arrow Metal can supply metal mesh for all your architectural projects. Our comprehensive in-stock range includes:

  • Stainless steel woven mesh (304 and 316 grade)
  • Stainless steel welded mesh (304 and 316 grade)
  • Decorative brass mesh
  • Extensive choice of mesh sizes and wire diameter
  • Lightweight or heavy-duty options
  • Available as rolls or panels depending on the specification

Browse our woven wire mesh  brochure for more information. To learn more about the differences between woven and welded wire mesh, read our useful blog: Buying Wire Mesh Top Tips.

And if you need expert advice on what type of mesh is best for your project, talk to our team about your requirements on (02) 9748 2200. Or make an online enquiry here and we will come back to you.

Posted: July 20, 2020

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