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Interior Design Trends 2022 Top Picks

Interior Design Colour Trends 2022

What shades will colour our world in 2022? And what’s going to be IT in interiors?

Pantone has already released its fashion forecast palettes for next year, which are sure to influence interiors. And there’s also been plenty of trend talk on the interior themes that are coming our way. So here’s our pick of some of the predicted interior design trends 2022 – it’s going to be a very colourful year ahead!

Interior Design Trends 2022: The hot tones and colours

Pantone predicts that in wardrobes at least, we’ll see a mix of comforting colours, familiar shades, and joyful hues. Its 2022 Spring/Summer New York Fashion Week colour palette top 10 features pastel blues, powdery pinks, and calming neutrals, clashed with vibrant hot pinks, deep blues, sunny yellows, cherry reds, bright purples, and earthy browns. Its 2022 palette for London Fashion Week was a similar colour story – this time with sea greens, orange corals, bubblegum pinks, and violets.

Spring-Summer 2022 Colour PaletteBasically in 2022 when it comes to colours, anything goes. Pantone says ‘the fashion rules no longer apply’ – if you’re bold enough!

If you’re inspired to follow suit and make a shade statement in your architecture and design projects in 2022 with the use of bright coloured materials, you can colour perforated metal with ease for serious impact.

Just take a look at the custom red perforated metal that we manufactured for Blacktown Tennis Centre. And Narellan Town Centre’s bespoke illustrated playground barriers – both so on-trend with Pantone’s New York Fashion Week ‘Poinciana’ red.

Pantone also revealed some core classic colour predictions, too – soft whites, beiges, and soothing shades of grey. These types of colours are already popular shades for interior perforated metal. As seen here for our project at 100 Mount Street. The white perforated metal staircase is a stunning focal feature and key piece of interior architecture, rather than just functional fire stairs.

Perforated mild steel balustrade: 100 Mount Street, North Sydney

Perforated mild steel panels by Arrow Metal at 100 Mount St North Sydney building

Pantone Colour of the Year 2022

And as for the big news, the Colour of the Year 2022 is….purple! Or more precisely, a violet/blue shade called Very Peri! Pantone picked this tone for its ‘spritely joyous attitude’ and ‘dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and dynamic expressions.’

We think it’s a great shade for the year, and it’s going to be exciting to see how it will be interpreted and incorporated into architecture and design. Purple perforated metal could be a trend that’s everywhere in 2022!

Pantone Colour 2022 Very Peri

Interior design trends 2022: Interior materials and styles

Interior design trends - materials

We’re glad to see that sustainability looks like it’s going to continue as an interior design trend. Experts are predicting that we will become even more focused on using recycled organic materials where we can such as glass and metal – which makes perforated metal a natural fit as steel and aluminium can be infinitely recycled with no effect on quality.

Interior screening is also predicted to roll out in 2022, mostly thanks to the practical need to create stylish and separate work-from-home spaces. This again is another trend win for perforated metal. Screening is one of the most common uses for perforated metal, both inside and out. Our residential architecture project in Balmain is a great example of customised perforated metal screens.

Balustrade design tips - metal balustrade with bespoke design

Interior design trends

You can also expect to see plenty of natural materials. This ties into the sustainability trend, but also appeals on a texture and sensory level as we strive to connect with nature. So we’ll see stone and wood surfaces trending in 2022 – which of course work beautifully with perforated metal.

Interior design trends 2022: Collaborate with Arrow Metal

However you’re planning to interpret interior design trends 2022 and the top colour predictions, if your future projects involve perforated metal, talk to our expert team to explore your creative design opportunities.

We can create custom perforated metal in your own unique pattern and finish it with on-trend colours, delivering your panels to anywhere in Australia. We supply perforated metal across all architecture and design sectors, from hospitality interiors to commercial, leisure, and transport projects and residential architecture.

Chat through your project requirements on (02) 9748 2200 or send us an online enquiry. Or why not explore our Project gallery for ideas and inspiration?

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Posted: November 9, 2021

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