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Perforated metal goes from functional to fantastic: Inspirational uses from around the world

Take some sheets of perforated metal, add some inspiration, imagination and metal expertise and what do you get?

Fabulous works of art. Statement décor pieces. Showstopping public installations. Even outdoor seating. The creative possibilities of perforated metal are endless.

Perforated metal: A most versatile material

Here are some of our favourite unusual uses of perforated metal from around the world, showcasing just how versatile it can be. Did you know perforated metal can be used:

To help transform water into fog

The shining sculpture at a public plaza in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, appears to be a living, breathing work of art. Created by architects Mikyoung Kim Design, ‘Exhale’ mists passers by with cooling fog through its folded perforated metal surface. At night, the sculpture lights up with luminosity through its specially-placed perforations. Designed to express the hydrological cycle, ‘Exhale’ uses perforated metal to great interactive effect, environmentally educating plaza pedestrians whilst cooling ambient temperatures as the fog evaporates into the air.

Use perforated metal - inspiring use of perforated metal around the world Image sourced from Mikyoung Kim Design

To inspire learning

A lattice of coloured perforated metal creates the perfect learning environment for students at the Lycee Christian Bourquin school in France. The work of New York designer Marc Fornes/TheVeryMany, the metal amphitheatre casts intricate, ornate shadows around the visually-stunning structure. More a work of art than a place of work for the school’s students, perforated aluminium plates overlap to create a uniquely strong yet spatial experience.

Use perforated metal - inspiring ideas Image sourced from MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY

As a tranquil oasis

A life-size excavator made from perforated metal is the perfect place to escape city life in the Netherlands. Created by Dutch designers Jo Meesters and Marije van der Park, ‘Green Oasis’ reintroduces nature into the city. Covered with green climbing plants representing the force of nature, the metal excavator embodies technique, seating up to four people for those ‘much-needed moments of peace and quiet in an urban public environment’.

Use perforated metal - inspiring ideas Image sourced from Jo Meesters

To make music from the wind

Luke Jerram’s amazing Aeolus sculpture is a giant Aeolian harp, creating music just from the wind. Using different sizes of mirrored metal pipes, supported in a perforated metal honeycomb-shaped archway, Aeolus harnesses the hidden shifting changes of the wind to create a unique visual and audible experience. Taking over three years to complete with a team of dozens of experts, Aeolus toured the UK and is now permanently installed at the Bristol HQ of aircraft manufacturer Airbus.

Use perforated metal - inspiring ideas Photo by Andy Spain – image sourced from lukejerram

Use perforated metal - inspiring ideas Photo by Andy Spain – image sourced from lukejerram

 Arrow Metal: Bespoke perforated metal expertise

If you have a bespoke perforated metal design concept, Arrow Metal has the proven expertise, skill and design technology to bring your vision to life. Using the latest and most precise perforating techniques, we can achieve even the most intricate custom designs, including words to project a message, logos, graphics or illustrations.

Our unique understanding of the capabilities and potential of perforated metal means we can create almost anything. Browse our Projects page to see some of our latest creations and collaborations.

Posted: April 26, 2017

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