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How to get the best perforated metal price

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You’ve picked the perfect pattern, chosen the metal, selected the finish – now all you need to do is get the best perforated metal price that fits your project budget.

So here are some useful tips from the Arrow Metal team, to help you get the panels you want on budget and on time. We explain the factors that influence the price of your panels, and easy ways you can save money when you are specifying perforated metal, too:

What affects the perforated metal price?

There are several factors that influence the final price you pay for your perforated metal panels. These include:

  • The type of metal you are perforating: Some metals cost more to buy as a raw material. You may need a more expensive type of metal if you need specific performance requirements, such as strength, which means that lower cost metals may not be suitable.
  • Whether it’s a standard, made-to-order or custom design: A custom pattern of your own design is often a more expensive option when it comes to overall perforated metal price, than a standard in-stock profile. Standard in-stock profiles are generally the most cost-effective. Custom patterns are a detailed process involving CAD drawing and specialised tooling, which increases the cost.
  • The panel finish: Adding any type of finish to your perforated panels will also increase the price. Finishes are added for durability and to create coloured perforated metal.
  • The panel size: A bigger panel size means more metal to perforate and therefore more cost. At Arrow Metal we expertly perforate panels up to five metres in length.
  • If you are adding special effects: Special effects, such as folding or shaping the panels after manufacture, will also increase the perforated metal price.

4 quick tips to keep the perforated metal price within your project budget

So now you know some of the factors that affect the price of perforated metal, you can see why it’s easy to quickly go over budget. But there are some simple ways to keep costs under control when you are specifying perforated metal. Such as:

  • Asking our experts: Ask our team of metal experts for advice right at the very start of your project planning stage, to ensure you get the most out of your perforated metal money. Tell us about your project, your panel requirements and your budget and we will work with you to find the best solution. We may suggest a different design to what you have in mind, alternative metals or other simple changes that don’t compromise performance and appearance but make a big impact on price.
  • Be clear about costs upfront: It’s important to know what you are paying for when keeping the perforated metal price in line. That’s why project quotes are transparently priced at Arrow Metal. We will give you a breakdown of costs when we price-up your order at enquiry stage, so you can see exactly where your budget is going and where cost savings can possibly be made if required.
  • Don’t forget unforeseen costs: Remember to factor in extra cost for the unexpected! We have seen through our many years of expertise manufacturing perforated metal for major projects that it is not unusual for scope to change which can mean last-minute tweaks to panel design. Make sure you understand how this will be dealt with if it happens, what additional associated costs there would be, if any, and build this into your budget.
  • Considering the price impact of your pattern: Machinery run time, set up and tooling for your pattern are key factors in the price. So do choose your pattern carefully. We will help you to select the best design for your budget that minimises production costs.

Easy ways to reduce your perforated metal costs

If you have a limited budget, that does not mean you are very limited in your design options. You can still create amazing perforated metal panels by being clever in your pattern and material choice, and using finishes to your advantage, as follows:

Adapt a standard design

A standard pattern with an extra finishing touch can make just as much of an impact on your project and its budget. Simply add a special-effect finish or a bright and bold colour and a classic perforated panel gets an instant makeover that matches your project performance and style.

Choose an in-stock panel

Short on budget and time? Our in-stock panels are ready for immediate dispatch Australia-wide and are available in a wide range of panel sizes and never-go-out-of-fashion patterns, from small holes to large-format perforations. Choose round holes or squares, in metals including mild steel, pre-galvanised steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

Select a cheaper metal

If decoration is the driving factor for your panel design, rather than performance, you have more flexibility in your metal choice and can opt for a lower cost metal to save money. Our team will advise which metal best suits your design needs, taking into account your perforation shape and finish preferences.

Get the right perforated metal price for your budget with Arrow Metal

Call our friendly and knowledgeable team now to get the perforated metal you want at the most cost-effective price on (02) 9748 2200 or make an online enquiry here.

Browse our online brochure for more information on our made-to-order and in-stock standard panels, and explore our Projects to learn more about our perforated metal capabilities.

Posted: February 22, 2021

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