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How metal makes healthy buildings

Researchers at Harvard University have revealed the nine secrets of healthy buildings – and perforated metal could be the perfect medicine to improve a building’s well-being.

Harvard University scientists studied what makes people live, work and feel better in indoor spaces. Ventilation, thermal health, lighting and views and noise are four of the crucial ‘9 Foundations of a Healthy Building’ according to its Healthy Buildings Team – and each can be influenced by the use of metal architecture and perforated metal.

Healthy buildings - 9 foundations

Image sourced from Harvard Healthy Buildings Program 

Here’s how perforated metal helps to build healthy buildings:

Ventilation: The holes that make perforated metal so beautiful as a building façade also double as efficient ventilators. Perforated metal allows air to naturally flow through.

Temperature: Perforated metal is a cool, environmentally-friendly way to control temperatures and maintain occupant comfort.

A perforated metal façade can help to deflect heat and solar radiation from the sun, reducing the load on air conditioning systems in Summer whilst its heat-retaining properties insulate buildings in Winter.

Lighting and views: We all want an office or apartment with a view, and lots of natural daylight – but we don’t want the solar glare and heat that goes with it. And here’s where perforated metal and its holes take top spot again.

Perforated metal precisely controls light filtration to give plenty of daylight for working and living without sacrificing views, and also provides shade, privacy and glare protection.

Noise: Perforated metal is the sound solution to noisy indoor environments like offices, schools and retail centres.

Each metal panel can be perforated to handle noise differently depending on the acoustic issue, absorbing, reflecting, scattering sound or even cutting out certain frequencies altogether. Perforated metal is the cover for special acoustic material, allowing sound to pass through the holes which are carefully designed for maximum sound transparency.

Healthy Buildings: Arrow Metal expertise

Speak to the Arrow Metal expert team for more advice on how to create healthy buildings using metal. From custom perforated metal facades to acoustic applications, we have the knowledge and skill to help optimise your building’s health. Talk to us on (02) 9748 2200 or tell us how we can help through our online enquiry form.


Posted: July 6, 2018

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