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High rise facade design reaches new heights

High rise facade and skyscraper design are reaching ever increasing heights of ingenuity. With Foster + Partners’  Tulip signed off by planners in London and the world’s tallest tower – the unprecedented 1km-high Jeddah Tower – underway in Saudi Arabia, we take a look at all the different inventive ways high rise facades are shaping urban skylines:

Pleated perforated metal: Soho Tower by Kengo Kuma

This high rise facade towers above the rest for its original design. Created by architects Kengo Kuma using strips of perforated aluminium, the pleated, rippled effect is a striking contrast to the surrounding cityscape. Inspired by the pleats and softness of a woman’s dress, the perforated metal facade was designed to gradually change according to the position, strength and colour of sunlight.

High rise facade High rise facade

Images sourced from Kengo Kuma

Sparkling high rise facade: Harim Group HQ by Beck Group

The ‘S’ shaped slash in the facade of Harim Group’s HQ in Seoul isn’t just for style. Architects Beck Group designed the recess to create a low-pressure zone for natural ventilation of the offices. And what a statement it makes. Made using perforated polished stainless steel panels for maximum sunlight reflection, the recess is lit by sparkling LED lights at night resulting in a glittering feature facade at any time of day.

High rise facade High rise facade High rise facade

Images sourced from Beck Group

Bubble effect: Profiles office building by Belzberg Architects

This bubbly facade has this six-storey office block in Mexico city covered. Created by Belzberg Architects, the perforated carbon steel facade envelops not just the street-facing frontage but the sides too, making this building an eye-catching experience however you approach. The perforations were specifically placed to optimise light, ventilation and privacy, taking into account the impact of potential future development adjacent to the building. Curved lines in the facade are designed to give a tantalising glimpse inside, like a pulled-back perforated curtain.

High rise facade High rise facade

Images sourced from Belzberg Architects

Environmental high rise facade: Phoenix Towers concept by Chetwoods

At 1km-high the proposed Phoenix Towers by Chetwoods will be the tallest pair of towers in the world. Part of an environmental ‘Supercity’ masterplan for Wuhan, central China’s capital and the ‘city of 1,000 lakes’, the concept commercial towers are designed to generate their own power whilst performing a number of environmental functions to benefit the region including water harvesting and recycling and waste recycling. The smaller of the two towers features a perforated facade for light and ventilation together with green walls and insect hotels.

High rise facade

Images sourced from  Chetwoods

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Posted: July 23, 2019

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