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Gabion walls rock on in the trends

Gabion walls are in their element for ‘natural’ style facade trends. An impressive solution if you want to blend a building into the landscape – or make it stand out – gabion walls rely on wire mesh cages to hold rocks and stones in place, forming a sturdy and safe architectural feature.

How to choose wire mesh for gabion walls

Because the wire mesh is what gives a gabion wall its structure and durability, it’s essential to choose a wire mesh that’s up to the job of holding all the rocks solidly in place. For gabion walls, we’d always recommend welded wire mesh.

Welded wire mesh is made by resistance welding longitudinal and transverse wires together at each overlapping joint. This gives the wire mesh superior strength, making it perfect for any load-bearing applications. It also makes the wire mesh very rigid and inflexible – which is exactly what you need when creating a gabion wall.

Ordering wire mesh for gabion walls

Available in either 306 or 314 stainless steel, Arrow Metal’s welded wire mesh is the perfect starting point to creating your custom architectural gabion wall.

When choosing wire mesh sizes for gabion walls, you’ll need to select a size that’s smaller than the rocks you’ll be using. Our welded wire mesh comes in sizes from 6.3mm right up to 100mm, in thicknesses of 0.8mm up to 6mm, giving you design and stone flexibility.

Our welded wire mesh is supplied in rolls or panels, and is in-stock ready for immediate dispatch to anywhere in Australia.

If you’re not sure what grade stainless steel, wire mesh size or thickness to choose, our expert team can give you the right advice and guidance.

Gabion walls inspiration

Ready to rock with a natural facade? Take a look at these incredible gabion walls for some ideas of what you can create:

Beachside House by ABIR Architects

Here’s a great example of how a gabion wall blends into the landscape. UK architects ABIR used pebbles to match the beach that’s right outside this seafront house in Shoreham, England, creating a strong, secure and beautiful space for the home’s bedrooms.

Gambion walls - Beachside House by ABIR Architects Gambion walls - Beachside House by ABIR Architects

Images sourced from ABIR Architects website

Casa Rex by FGMF Architects

FGMF Architects had a novel solution to a limited budget for these corporate offices in Brazil – use materials and techniques typically found in infrastructure. The cost-effective result is as creative as it is stunning both inside and out, with the exterior a mix of red sandstone and grey flintstone to create a visually captivating, branded gabion wall facade.

Gambion walls casa rex by FGMG Architects Gambion walls casa rex by FGMG Architects

Images sourced form FGMF Architects website

Food & Forest Restaurant by Yod Design 

With a brief to integrate the restaurant into the natural landscape, that’s exactly what Yod Design achieved for this Ukraine eatery through the use of gabion walls. Natural materials including stone, wood, copper, leather and slate feature heavily throughout the inside too, for a seamless and beautiful scheme.

Gambion Walls - Food Forest Restaurant by Yod Design Gambion Walls - Food Forest Restaurant by Yod Design

Images sourced from Yod Design Website

Welded wire mesh for gabion walls – make an enquiry today

If you’re looking for quality mesh to create your gabion walls, call the Arrow Metal team on (02) 9748 2200 or send us an online enquiry. We have welded wire mesh available now for fast dispatch.


Posted: May 18, 2020

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