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Facade designs that tell a story

As the face of a building, a facade is what gives a structure its looks, personality, character and appeal. It influences everything we feel about a building. And how we feel in it, too, controlling things like light, temperature and privacy. But some of the best facade designs also have extra special significance, linking a structure to its surroundings, purpose, local history or culture.

Like these awe-inspiring building facades, that each tell their own unique story. Which one is your favourite?

Artwork facade designs: Cowper Street apartments, Granville

 We worked in collaboration with architects Johannsen & Associates (AJA) and artists Kath Fries and Rhona Pryor to create this metal masterpiece.

Adorning a residential block in Granville, it’s much more than just a building face – it’s a piece of public art. Named The Way of the River, the facade illustrates the importance of the local Duck River system and the traditional land of the Darug people, upon which the building sits.

Symbolising the idea of flow and change and the relationship between people and place, the facade features lines from local poet Todd Turner’s piece Grace. The words sweep around the exterior, flowing to a giant mural map of Duck River, represented by a pattern of leaves perforated into the metal.

We custom manufactured each facade panel to exact specifications using CAD drawing and precision tooling, for a seamless installation that’s as meaningful as it is stunning.

Facade designs - Granville building perforated metal by Arrow Metal Facade designs - Granville building perforated metal by Arrow Metal

Playful facade: Campus car park, Denmark

This is one of the most fun facade designs we’ve ever seen. It’s inspired by bricks – but not the building material you’re thinking of.

We’re talking Lego bricks. Because this is the car park of the Lego campus in Denmark. A Lego City playset road weaves across the exterior, instantly linking the building to the iconic blocks whilst giving a nostalgic nod to Lego City road plates, which were designed in 1977 and are still used in sets today.

The road plates were upscaled into aluminium panels by architects CEBRA, perforated to match the appearance of Lego. What’s even more clever is that all the different sizes of perforated circles, from large to micro-size, are in proportion with the dimensions and ratio of the original Lego brick. And the best bit? You can even attach Lego to the facade itself – the smallest perforation is a 1:1 match!

Facade designs - Lego facade Facade designs - Lego facade

Images sourced from CEBRA Architecture website

Symbolic facade: Energy Centre, London

The warm copper red-coloured perforated metal facade of this building in London is a symbolic way to mark a world-first. The Bunhill 2 Energy Centre captures waste heat from the London Underground, which is then used to heat homes and public buildings throughout the local area.

The first facility of its kind in the world, the centre reduces heating bills, carbon emissions and air pollution. The red perforated metal facade by Cullinan Studio has a specially-designed perforation pattern, that matches the varying degrees of ventilation required by the state-of-the-art equipment beneath.

The pipe-style rising pattern represents the invisible networks below ground – such as the heating pipes, underground tube lines and thermal air currents.

facade design

Images sourced from Cullinan Studio

How to create custom facade designs with Arrow Metal

Bring your design to Arrow Metal’s expert team and we’ll create your bespoke building frontage. We have the metal expertise to find you the most cost-effective way forward without compromising your design vision. We manufacture the most challenging and intricate facades for residential, commercial and public buildings. Our facade capabilities include:

  • Replication of any illustration, logo or picture in perforated metal
  • Wide choice of metal materials
  • Consultative design process
  • Precision perforation of each panel using CAD drawing and the latest tooling
  • Durable coating and colour finishes
  • Folding techniques for unique effects
  • Custom sizing per panel
  • Delivery Australia-wide

Take a look at some of our completed projects for inspiration and read our custom metal FAQs. To chat through your ideas with our team or to make an enquiry, call us on (02) 9748 2200 or send us an online enquiry.

Posted: June 15, 2020

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