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Environmental benefits of perforated metal

The environmental benefits of perforated metal are making it an increasingly appealing green solution.

As more developers strive for sustainability – 30% of office space is now Green Star certified according to the Green Building Council Australia (GBCA) – and buildings reach even higher levels of environmental performance, perforated metal offers substantial environmental and aesthetic advantages.

nvironmental benefits of perforated metal

Environmental benefits of perforated metal: Green buildings that look and feel good

A perforated metal architectural façade doesn’t just look good. It helps to keep a building cool and its occupants comfortable.

It helps to control:

  • Light filtration
  • Sound
  • Ventilation
  • Visual outlook
  • Privacy
  • Shading
  • Solar heat and glare

Perforated metal: Energy savings

Because of its ability to manage heat and airflow, perforated metal reduces a building’s energy costs.

Studies have shown that a perforated metal façade can bring in 45% energy savings from heating, ventilation and air conditioning whilst also reducing solar irradiation by almost 78% depending on the location of the building.

Recycled building facades

Perforated metal facades are typically made from steel or aluminium –materials that can be recycled multiple times with no impact on performance, making perforated metal a sustainable cladding choice.

With an extensive range of perforation shapes, sizes, finishes and coatings to increase longevity and corrosion resistance, perforated metal is a highly-customisable façade that can be any colour with green at its core.

Strong and durable yet lightweight on a building’s load, perforated metal can even be transformed into curved or folded forms for unique architectural effects.

Arrow Metal: Perforated metal green manufacturing

Have a look at some of our perforated metal projects, including this customised façade for Wayside Chapel in Potts Point, where sustainability, durability and environmental impact were key design factors.

All Arrow Metal manufactured products are perfect for environmentally-friendly projects – we follow ISO (International Organization for Standardization) guidance governing environmental management and compliance.

Read more about our environmental policy. To enquire about our products for your project, speak to our expert team on (02) 9748 2200 or get in touch online.



Posted: July 24, 2017

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