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Custom perforated metal design: Project round-up

When architects, designers and developers want something extra special, they trust the Arrow Metal team to bring their vision to life, with custom perforated metal design expertise that guarantees real ‘wow’ factor.

From the most intricate and delicate designs to complicated swirling creations, at Arrow Metal we can precisely perforate metal in patterns of any shape or size – even logos and illustrations can be perforated in metal exactly to specification, for the ultimate brand building.

Take a look at some of our latest commercial and residential custom perforated metal design projects, completed across Australia:

Blacktown Tennis Centre

Arrow Metal’s custom perforated metal design skills were a grand-slam for this multi-million dollar tennis centre in NSW. The $16m Blacktown Tennis Centre isn’t just the biggest of its kind in NSW, it also heralds the biggest single investment in a tennis centre by a local Government – making it a landmark project that needed something truly special. Arrow Metal precisely perforated metal panels to produce a unique sports-themed mural, to the exact specifications of the architects Allen Jack + Cottier, in collaboration with Active Metal Pty Ltd which added the striking red finish and installed all the interior and exterior panels.

Bespoke perforated metal panel design - Arrow Metal

Bespoke perforated metal panel design by Arrow Metal

Sydney residential home

Proving that perforated metal is right at home in residential projects, this wonderful renovation of a Sydney property has Arrow Metal custom perforated metal design at its heart. Architect Frank Mangione, a long-standing regular customer of Arrow Metal, once again relied on our team’s unrivalled expertise to help give the Federation-style property a modern makeover in keeping with its period style. Metal balustrade and outdoor privacy screening feature an unusual square custom perforated metal design to match existing architecture, finished in a delicate white satin powder coating.

Perforated metal balustrade - square perforations- Arrow Metal - residential project

Perforated metal balustrade - square perforations- Arrow Metal - residential project

Cranebrook Village Shopping Centre

Arrow Metal’s considerable custom perforated metal design skills and flexible approach were essential to the success of Cranebrook Village Shopping Centre. Our team produced the perfect packaging for the new $14.1m retail centre near Penrith, creating perforated metal panels that feature a bespoke hexagon design specified by Mainbrace Constructions. The unique custom perforated metal design was an evolutionary process, requiring complicated post-production revisions by the Arrow Metal team as the project progressed and panel design specifications changed.

Custom perforated metal panels for Cranebrook Village by Arrow Metal

Brisbane ferry terminals

Arrow Metal embarked upon a unique custom perforated metal design journey with this prestigious project for Brisbane’s ferry network. Working with the project’s metal fabricators Minnis & Samson, Arrow Metal produced over 135 perforated metal sheets to be used as screening and balustrade – many of which were one-off and unique in production. Minnis & Samson’s radiused folding design was an additional challenge, which was overcome using profiled notching in the corners of the sheets.

Perforated metal sheets by Arrow Metal used in ferry terminal balustrade

Perforated metal sheets by Arrow Metal used in ferry terminal balustrade

Oatley train station footbridge

Arrow Metal ensured the $23m redevelopment of Oatley train station was on the right track, producing the perforated aluminium sheets used on the unique perforated metal design footbridge. The spectacular 50-metre walkway features a triangular custom perforated metal design, a complex pattern that had been arranged with very specific placement to ensure weather protection for train passengers. Our team created individual CAD drawings to ensure every panel was precisely cut and finished for an exact fit, making the architect’s ambitious design a reality.

Unique perforated metal panels by Arrow Metal

 Custom perforated metal design skill for all types of projects

If you’re inspired by our projects and custom perforated metal capabilities, explore how we can enhance your residential or commercial project. Chat to our friendly team for custom perforated metal design advice and expertise on (02) 9748 2200 or send us an online enquiry, we’d be happy to help.

Posted: August 28, 2017

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