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Custom Perforated Metal: 3 Key considerations

Creating unique, one-of-a-kind custom perforated metal involves much more than just choosing a design and punching it into metal sheets. It’s a collaborative process between you and our manufacturing team, that brings together our expertise and your design vision to produce the perfect result.

Here are the three key factors you need to consider before ordering custom perforated metal:

Custom costs

Before you even draw up a design, come and talk to us about what we can achieve based on your budget. Custom perforated metal isn’t the most cost-effective metal solution if you’re limited on spend – but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

We can make it more cost-effective for you by being selective in materials, finishes and perforation, giving you much more options. You might not be able to go for a completely customised panel, but there will be ways we can tweak a standard design to make it completely unique, with only a small amount of customisation to reduce costs.

Have design flexibility

So you have a dream design in mind but be prepared to be flexible. Creating a custom perforated metal design is where you need metal expertise and advice the most.

Because it might not be feasible to produce in your ideal choice of metal material; or the finished metal may not perform the way you need it to because of your preferred perforation pattern.

At Arrow Metal we’ll advise how to make your design work. It may just need a slight adjustment or change in material, thickness, or open space percentage. It’s how we make the impossible possible, producing incredible and intricate custom perforated metal for all types of applications, from footbridges and facades to balustrade and art.

Perforated metal stairs - urban design - Arrow Metal

The perforated metal stairs and privacy screening at this Balmain residential property have a unique personal touch – they’re all perforated with an image from a beloved family photograph.

Adjustment potential

What happens if the original design needs to be changed? When supplying custom perforated metal, it’s not unusual for there to be design revisions during project progression, even after CAD drawings have been signed off and we’re at post-production stage. If this happens, it’s not a problem. We’ll use our design expertise and manufacturing skill to make whatever changes are needed, producing new panels as quickly as possible to avoid any delays to project development.

Evolving perforated metal designs were a key issue of our project at Cranebrook Village Shopping Centre, which involved a significant reduction of open area percentage after manufacture.

Custom perforated metal

Custom perforated metal: Your source for expert advice

Talk to the Arrow Metal team about how we can make your custom perforated metal design a reality. We’re always happy to give you impartial help and advice. Have a no-obligation chat with us on (02) 9748 2200 or tell us how we can help on our online enquiry form.

Posted: June 30, 2018

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