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Create With PixelPerf™ Image Perforation

Exotic animals, music, sport, trees, and trains – even people’s pets! Our PixelPerf™ image perforation service is a fast and cost-effective way for architects and designers to create unique spaces and places.

With PixelPerf™ simply choose a theme or image and our expert design team will turn it into perforated metal panels. The creative opportunities are endless: Personalise a project, build on a theme, promote a purpose, or reflect the past with local imagery.

Here’s your quick guide to getting started with PixelPerf™.

Explore the different ways you can use our image perforation service, browse popular design themes, and learn why it’s such a popular option for all types of residential, commercial, public, and private architectural projects.

What is PixelPerf™?

PixelPerf™ is Arrow Metal’s specialised design and tooling technology that creates perforated metal art from images, photos, and illustrations. PixelPerf™ works by translating your image into a CAD drawing, which is fed into our punching machinery’s software.

Our tooling machinery then punches the metal sheet according to the CAD image. The result is a 100% accurate replica of your image in perforated metal, including all the tiny details and shadows, giving you an ultra-realistic perforated picture.

How PixelPerf™ image perforation is used

As PixelPerf™ creates perforated metal images, it’s most often used for decorative interior and exterior installations, where visual appeal and aesthetics are the main goals. Typical architectural uses include:

  • Privacy screens
  • Staircases
  • Balustrade
  • Fencing
  • Themed murals
  • Interior wall panels
  • Ventilation screens
  • Signage
  • Facades

Archibald Residences Bondi Junctions

PixelPerf™ design themes and styles

There’s almost no limit to the designs you can create with PixelPerf™. Popular picture styles include:

  • Nature: Trees, flowers, plants, leaves, and petals
  • Animals: Wild and exotic or domestic pets!
  • Architecture: Famous landmarks and historic sites
  • Music: Pop culture icons and superstars
  • Hobbies: Instruments and tools
  • Sport: Swimming to snowboarding and everything in between
  • Transport: Trains, planes, bikes, cars, and buses

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PixelPerf™ project examples

Take a look at some of our completed PixelPerf™ projects for inspiring ideas:

Old photos: Archibald Residences ventilation screens, Bondi Junction

How do you attractively hide and ventilate unsightly but necessary building equipment? With PixelPerf™ perforated metal screens! Architects for the Archibald Residences residential block created instant community connection and brought the area’s iconic tramway past back to life by using old black and white photos as the ventilation screen design. With careful and considered image adjustment, we were able to capture even the facial expressions of passengers and achieve the required airflow.

Archibald Bondi Junction image Grafton Lane

Nature design: Riverview apartments panels and signage, Carrington Assisted Living, Camden

The stunning leaf pattern on the perforated panels and signage at Riverview assisted living apartments reflect the site’s beautiful bushland location. The design began as a basic drawing, with our expert team working closely with the architects to translate it into the perfect CAD drawing that would achieve the privacy, ventilation, light flow, and aesthetic goals of the project.

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Aviation history: Mascot Station, Sydney Airport line

The giant perforated metal photos, installed in the station’s new escalator and lift areas, show the early days of aviation and are based on historic pictures supplied to our client by project architects.

To achieving the old, rusted look specified in the brief we used a particular type of metal sheet as the photo canvas – Corten steel.

Corten steel – known as weathered steel – develops a rust-like appearance when exposed to the elements. But rather than deteriorating the metal, the brown coating protects the metal, ensuring longevity and strength. This rusted effect can happen quickly in the right conditions. For this project, the panels were exposed to water and sunlight for just 24 hours.

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Flower artwork: Chatswood train station, Sydney

We turned art into decorative gold perforated panels for Chatswood Interchange. Working with the project’s design studio, we translated their supplied JPEG images into drawings for our tooling machinery, resulting in perfect replication of their original artwork.

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Why choose Arrow Metal PixelPerf image perforation?

  • Wow-factor design: PixelPerf™ creates instant impact and visual appeal
  • Highest quality: Sharp, precision perforated panels that successfully capture every detail of your original image
  • Choice of finishes: Expand your design with our wide range of finishes – colours, shades, tones, effects, durable coatings, curving, and folding
  • Metal options: Choose from popular metals including brass and aluminium
  • Cost-effective: Your PixelPerf™ panels will be delivered on budget and on time – we work closely with you from design inception to completion
  • Design and manufacturing expertise: We have the tools, technology, experience, and metal know-how to meet your goals. We work with architects and designers across Australia, delivering custom perforated metal solutions for all types of projects and installations.

How to create perforated pictures with PixelPerf™: Step by step

It’s easy to create your custom perforated metal picture panels with PixelPerf™.

  • 1. Choose your image

For the best result, there needs to be good contrast between light and dark areas in your original image – we can always tweak this if necessary.

That’s why black and white images are the best kind to use for PixelPerf™, as it works by translating light and dark tones into different diameter holes. Size also matters – the larger your image is on the finished panel, the better the detail.

You also need to consider the background of the installation site. Is there light behind the panel, or is it a solid backdrop? This dictates the type of perforation technique that we will use. And you also need to think about function as this also impacts design – do your panels need to perform a certain way, or are they purely decorative?

If you need help with image selection or aren’t sure if your image is suitable for your idea, just get in touch with our team.

  • 2. CAD drawing check

We’ll send you your image as a pdf or jpeg file for you to review. If you need to make any changes, we’ll make sure they don’t compromise the function and aesthetic of your design.

  • 3. Panel production

Once approved, our specialist machinery uses the CAD drawing to punch your panels, overseen by our expert manufacturing team. Panels are cut to your specified size pre-punching, taking into account any margins, spacing, and special requirements.

  • 4. Finishing

Panels are then sent for finishing – such as adding colour, metallic effects, curving, or folding.

  • 5. Quality check and delivery

Your panels are quality checked by our team and delivered straight to your site by our trusted couriers.

Start creating with PixelPerf™ now

Call our team to begin your PixelPerf™ design on (02) 9748 2200 or email your image to and we’ll come back to you.

You can also browse through our Project gallery.

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Posted: August 18, 2022

4 responses to “Create With PixelPerf™ Image Perforation”

  1. Malek says:

    Hi there
    We are considering this for fencing along a boundary for a commercial project
    Is this suitable to be installed over standard colorbond fencing or does it replace fencing all together?

    • Arrow Metal says:

      Hi Malek. Thank you for your enquiry. One of our consultants will email you shortly. Please check your Inbox.

  2. James says:

    Hi there, I’m after a few panels in the near future and would like to know some rough pricing and lead times please.
    they will all be Australian native animals and trees, (kangaroo, koala, gumtree and similar)
    I need them in aluminium and strong enough to be used as a barrier.
    very rough sizes are
    1500mm wide by 1000mm high x 4
    900mm wide by 2400mm high x 2

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