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Choosing perforated sheet metal panels

Round or square? How about radiused square? Or round-end slot? Maybe a rectangle? What about hexagon or even random geometric? Advanced tooling technology means there’s an overwhelmingly huge choice of perforated sheet metal patterns.

In the first of our new series of quick and easy ‘How To’ guides, the expert Arrow Metal team shares their simple tips to help you identify which perforated metal patterns are best suited for your project:

Tip 1: Think about what the perforated metal will be used for

This is your first and biggest consideration. As it influences exactly which perforated metal patterns will be available to you. For instance, it’s no good selecting a profile that’s best suited for decorative purposes if strength is a key requirement.

So start off by considering exactly what you need the perforated metal to do. Will you use it for balustrade? A building facade? Decorative window displays or artwork? Ventilation? Acoustics?

Tip 2: What perforated sheet metal patterns do you actually prefer?

What perforated metal shapes appeal to you? You might like the sleek, elegant look of a round-end slot. Or are quite happy with a traditional round hole shape. It’s a good idea to have a preferred list of patterns in case your top choice isn’t necessarily the best.

Remember patterns are available in different pitches and open area percentages, which changes the finished look – and performance and strength – of the finished product entirely.

Tip 3: You can always customise with a finish

All perforated sheet metal patterns – including in-stock and made-to-order – can be customised with a finish at Arrow Metal. You can add colour, metallic or weathered effects. We can even fold the perforated metal a certain way to create ripple designs. This means that even a standard perforated metal pattern – if that’s what suits your project requirements best – can be given a unique look.

Tip 4: Use our expertise

Our biggest tip of all when choosing perforated metal patterns? Ask an expert! The Arrow Metal team can advise exactly which patterns are best for your project and why – and which aren’t.

We’re always available to give you guidance and advice, to make sure that you get a perforated metal product that delivers in every way. Just tell us what your project involves, and we’ll give you a choice of perforated metal solutions that take into account your budget and timescales.

Perforated metal patterns advice

Call the Arrow Metal team on (02) 9748 2200 or send us an online enquiry and we’ll come back to you. You can also download our perforated metal brochure to explore our range of in-stock and made-to-order perforated metal profiles.

For perforated metal inspiration and to get a good idea of what finished patterns can look like, browse our Projects page to see our perforated metal in action.


Posted: September 23, 2019

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