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Brass Interior Design: A Bold New Trend

A warm golden hue combined with retro charm – is there anything as appealing for interiors than brass? This timeless tone has made a comeback. More aged than gold and warmer than silver, mix-and-match it with other materials such as marble and wood for glamorous drama and luxe living spaces.

Take a look at some of our favourite interpretations of the brass interior design trend. From a grandeur staircase to a simple finishing touch, brass can be as bold – or as subtle – as you like:

Staircase in Shoreland, Chicago: Old charm fused with contemporary design

This grand staircase plays a central part in Studio Gang’s design to turn the Jazz Age hotel in Chicago into a modern residential building. The brass balustrade contrasting with the dark stairs hits the right note to add a touch of modern retro.

 BRASS INTERIOR DESIGN - staircase in commercial building

Image sourced from Studio Gang

High-rise: Brass accents in a Chicago apartment by Catherine Wong.

It’s modern, it’s vintage, it’s glamorous. It’s a shining example of the brass interior design trend. We love everything about this Chicago apartment by Catherine Wong. Especially the living room storage bench with its accent doors made from raised perforated brass. A worthy centre piece in this very stylish space.

BRASS INTERIOR DESIGN - staircase in commercial building

Image sourced from Sukio Design Co.

Brass design trend is on the menu for restaurant spaces

The renovation of the Tilbury Hotel by Sydney design firm Luchetti Krelle turns this establishment into a relaxing vibrant space without compromising on its simple classic style. The use of brass in tandem with the patchwork ceiling creates a sense of identity and fun to the restaurant.

BRASS INTERIOR DESIGN - staircase in commercial building

Image sourced from Luchetti Krelle

Brass wire mesh makes retail spaces shine with space and light

A continuous, modular framework made from brass wire works in harmony with the oak floorboards and marble counter blocks in this Sulwhasoo Flagship Beauty/Spa shop in Seoul, Korea. Designed by Neri&Hu Design and Research Office, it’s a showcase for the versatility of brass in interiors and how well it works with so many other materials.


Image sourced from Dezeen

Another retail project using brass wire mesh is a patisserie in Shenzhen designed by Shanghai studio LineHouse. The brass cage-like structure adds an industrial edge, with colour and light shining through into the shop.

Image sourced from Dezeen

Oriental art deco drama is dish of the day

Designed by Paris-based architects Emil Humbert and Christopher Poyet, the design of Song Qi Chinese restaurant in Monaco combines elegant design with art deco drama.

Brass bars surrounding the centre table are complemented by refined decorative details throughout the restaurant to bring a sense of prestige and exclusiveness.

BRASS INTERIOR DESIGN - restaurant design

Image sourced from Yatzer

Brass inspired ceiling tops off new microbrewery’s metallic theme

Arrow Metal helped Bankstown Sports Club raise a glass to its new microbrewery, supplying feature perforated metal ceiling panels in the boutique bar.

Designed by Pony Design, the brass inspired ceiling panels were the perfect solution to mirror the metallic industrial theme, reflected in the bar’s copper beer pipes and stainless steel brewing tanks.

BRASS INTERIOR DESIGN - restaurant design

BRASS INTERIOR DESIGN - restaurant design

Images sourced from Pony Design

Brass design trend: Why use brass in interiors?

  • Brass can oxidise or tarnish over time, giving it a distinct weathered look – just one of this material’s charming characteristics
  • Brass has excellent corrosive resistance
  • Brass can be recycled an infinite number of times, which has significant environmental and economic advantages

Arrow Metal: Brass woven wire mesh products for the brass interior design trend

We stock a range of brass woven mesh, in single wire or double wire profiles. Speak to our specialist team to see how we can inspire your project on (02) 9748 2200 or complete our online enquiry form.

Posted: July 19, 2017

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