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Bespoke Perforated Metal Design FAQs

How does a bespoke perforated metal design turn into an actual product? At Arrow Metal we can create perforated metal sheets using any image, including brand logos, illustrations or even personal photographs.

Our expert team answers your FAQs all about how drawings are transformed into projects:

Question: How does the bespoke perforated metal design process start?

The process of transforming an individual architectural design into a perforated metal product starts with an image. This can be a customer’s own drawing, an illustration or even a JPEG file.

If a panel design involves a range of geometric shapes, we request that the design is sent as a CAD drawing file. We will work with you to ensure your designs can be manufactured, taking into account performance requirements, budget and timescales.

Question: What if my bespoke perforated metal design needs to be changed?

The input of an experienced manufacturing team that understands metal and its abilities is crucial when manufacturing a custom perforated metal design.

Drawings we receive from customers sometimes need to be modified so we can correctly manufacture the perforated metal sheets to ensure they are fit for purpose.

The Arrow Metal team works closely with you during this process, so that any amends to your design are minimal and do not compromise the finished result you are looking for.

Question: Which types of images are best for bespoke perforated metal design?

We can convert almost any image but the best types are black and white. This is because our advanced manufacturing software recognises shades and not colours.

It’s also important to consider the detail of the image. An image which has too much detail may be too costly to make. The sharper the image, the better the result.

Bespoke perforated metal design: Project examples

Take a look at these completed Arrow Metal projects which all involved complex initial drawings. You can see the level of detail which goes into the bespoke precision perforation process.

The direction of pattern, finish of the panel such as powder coating and even the site elevation is all considered.

Oatley Station’s footbridge is a complicated design that involved different sizes of triangle perforations, which were specially placed to ensure weather protection for commuters.


Bespoke perforated metal design - Oatley Station


Bespoke perforated metal design - Oatley Station Bespoke perforated metal design - Oatley Station

Whilst at Harris Park train station, the intricate geometric design of each panel required careful manufacturing, using Arrow Metal’s latest tooling machinery.

Bespoke perforated metal design -Harris Park Station

At Gosford’s new hospital, the elevation of the staff walkway was an important factor when manufacturing each of the perforated metal panels.

Bespoke perforated metal design- Gosford Hospital

Perforated sheet by Arrow Metal - Gosford hospital sheer screen panels

Perforated metal manufacturing expertise: Arrow Metal

Talk to Arrow Metal team on (02) 9748 2200 about your bespoke perforated metal design requirements or send us an online enquiry.

We can advise if your design can be manufactured and how best it can be achieved.

Browse or download our Perforated Metal Catalogue  or  Project Look Book for more perforated metal inspiration.

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Posted: April 30, 2019

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