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Balustrade design tips and considerations

The humble balustrade has been elevated from a practical fixture to a focal feature, as architects and designers find clever ways to make schemes stand out. Here are some balustrade design tips and considerations from the Arrow Metal team, to make sure that your balustrade takes your space to the next level:

Balustrade design tips 1: Location, location, location

Is the balustrade for an indoor staircase, or an outside balcony? Balustrade location is crucial as it impacts material choice. If it’s exterior, you’ll need a balustrade made of material such as perforated metal, that can weather any storm, sunshine or rain, withstand fluctuating temperatures and the test of time.

If it’s interior, material choice is much more flexible – you can use almost any material you like, depending on required performance.

Balustrade design tips 2: Material pros & cons

Which is best? Glass or wood? Wire or perforated metal? You might have an aesthetic preference, but it might not be the most practical. Wood needs maintaining, glass needs lots of cleaning.

It’s another reason why perforated metal and wire mesh balustrade are still up there when it comes to trends. There’s low maintenance and these materials are an easy-care option for heavy-use commercial and residential spaces.

Balustrade design tips - metal used for external balustrade

Perforated metal is used as balustrade in the heavy traffic walkway of Brisbane Ferry Terminal.

Balustrade design tips 3: Space and light

Want more light? To add a natural touch? Glass lets light shine through but it’s also a great heat conductor. Wood adds warmth but on its own can look too traditional.

Pair wood with wire mesh or perforated metal however, and you’ve got a balustrade that’s the perfect blend. Wire mesh balustrade is especially good at opening up interiors for a real sense of space.

Balustrade design tips 4: Customisation

How important is the ability to make it your own? Customising glass and wood can blow your budget. Perforated metal on the other hand can be customised with almost any design, drawing or illustration, offering a cost-effective, bespoke solution.

At Arrow Metal, we’ve even created perforated metal balustrade based on a photograph. We precisely perforated each panel to ensure the finished balustrade met all required health, safety and building regulations, whilst giving the homeowners the most unique, personal touch to their renovation.

Balustrade design tips - metal balustrade with bespoke design

Bespoke perforated metal is used as balustrade in this residence in Balmain

Balustrade design tips - custom design metal balustrade

Balustrade design tips 5: Finish

The finish is the final touch for a balustrade and what makes it last. Although you can paint wood or stain it, there are many more finish options for metal. Add a durable coating if the balustrade is outside.

Powder coat with colour or even a metallic gold or brass finish for a luxurious and opulent focal point that has all the richness you’re looking for without the expense.

Balustrade design tips - coloured balustrade at a sports centre

Red balustrade at Blacktown Tennis Centre provides visual interest and contrast.

Balustrade design tips 6: Safety

It goes without saying that any balustrade design has to conform to all required building codes and safety rules. Whatever material you choose, make sure you get expert advice about your proposed design, to make sure it’s suitable.

At Arrow Metal, we know how to intricately perforate metal whilst still maintaining its strength and performance for balustrade use. We know how wire mesh works, to advise the best profile for you.

We can make tiny tweaks to your perforated metal or wire mesh balustrade design, so that it’s the perfect fit for your project and for building and safety regulations.

Balustrade expertise: Arrow Metal

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Posted: September 24, 2018

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