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Perforated metal art: Artistic creations using perforated metal

From clouds to angels and leaves, with a little bit of imagination, design skill and creative flair, perforated metal can be transformed into unique works of perforated metal art.

Increasing numbers of artists are recognising the potential of perforated metal and its many benefits for artistic uses. The diversity of perforation patterns, metal material and thinnest metal profiles means it can be easily manipulated into any number of shapes and forms.

Compared to solid metal materials, perforated metal allows light to shine through, creating delicate and unique effects depending on the perforation pattern specified.

Using the latest innovative manufacturing techniques and considerable design expertise, Arrow Metal can custom-create bespoke perforated panels in even the most complex patterns and colours, making it the perfect artistic material for perforated metal art and sculptures.

Iconic artistic projects to use Arrow Metal’s perforated metal include:

Cumulus and Nimbus by McDermott Baxter

Christmas customers at Myer in Sydney were floating on air through these magical metal clouds. Created for Myer’s Christmas Wonderland, the cloudscape was the creation of renowned artists McDermott Baxter, who specified Arrow Metal perforated metal to bring the dreamscape to life.

With its ability to gently reflect and filter light, the perforated metal panels were the perfect medium to create the colour-changing clouds, which transformed from delicate pale pinks and purples to bright blue and sunset shades throughout the day.

The Cumulus and Nimbus clouds were also a prominent visual feature at other high profile events in Sydney, including Milano and Vivid Sydney.

Project details:

Designer: McDermott Baxter

Product: Perforated metal

Photographs by Ross Honeysett and Ben Baxter.

Perforated metal art Arrow Metal

Perforated metal applications - Arrow Metal Perforated metal art Arrow Metal Perforated metal art Arrow Metal 

Sky Garden at Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne by Jade Oakley

Young patients arriving at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne are comforted by a twirling, peaceful canopy of colour.

Created by kinetic sculpture artist Jade Oakley, Sky Garden is a series of five perforated metal art mobiles 4m high and 9.5m wide, featuring laser-cut, powder-coated and spray painted aluminium angels and leaves.

Inspired by children playing in nature, each delicate element was created by Jade using Arrow Metal perforated metal.

Project information:

Designer: Jade Oakley

Product: Perforated metal and stainless steel metal tubes

Perforated metal art Arrow Metal Perforated metal art Arrow Metal Perforated metal art Arrow Metal

Posted: February 15, 2017

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