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Arrow Metal expertise: How to win a tender tips

Want to know a secret of how to win a tender? Use our expertise! Our unrivalled metal manufacturing knowledge can help you secure that big building, construction or architectural tender you’ve been after.

We won’t just advise you on the metal products you need to specify to meet the tender brief. We’ll come up with a range of options that exceed expectations, suggesting products and metal profiles that will give your tender bid a significant advantage in terms of quality, performance and cost-savings.

Our sales team knows exactly how our products perform, and are your reliable, trustworthy and expert source if you need help when specifying perforated metal or woven wire mesh for your tender response.  

We’ve helped many of our customers to successfully compete for tender contracts, here are our team’s top 10 tips if you want more advice on how to win a tender:

1. Is it the right fit for you?

Don’t waste time tendering for projects that are outside your capabilities. Evaluate if it’s really the right fit for your business first.

2. Research

Knowledge is power – learn everything and anything you can about the client, the project, the tender evaluation team and the company’s market position and direction.

3. It’s who you know

Don’t underestimate the impact of personal networking. A business connection to the client always helps.

How to win a tender - our top 10 tips - Arrow Metal

4. Sell yourself

Don’t just explain you’re capable of doing the work. Tell the client how. Demonstrate not only that you can do this project, but that you understand how to deliver it – it’s one of the essential factors of how to win a tender. Explain your processes, policies and methodology – it shows you’re organised and have a keen eye for detail.

5. Tailored references

Make sure any references, case studies or testimonials you include are actually relevant and show that you have experience and expertise in the type of project you’re pitching for.

How to win a tender - our top 10 tips - Arrow Metal

6. Know what you’re up against

You may have a good idea who else is pitching for this project too, so spend time on a competitor analysis. What are their advantages compared to you?

7. Add value

What extras can you bring to the table? Cost-savvy clients love added-value. Remember the tendering process is all about finding the most capable, reliable company that offers the best value for money.

8. Who’s on the job?

Explain who will be working on the project, their skills, relevant experience, expertise and qualifications. Clients need reassurance that capable, reliable people will be assigned to their project.

9. Get expert supplier advice

As we’ve already mentioned, your suppliers are your expert source for tender-winning product solutions. They know their products and can often find ways to achieve a better result at more economical cost. At Arrow Metal we’re always happy to advise on metal product specification, to strict required budgets. Use our knowledge to give yourself a competitive advantage.

10. Check and double check

Think your tender’s ready to go? Take another look. Go through your completed tender document carefully and thoroughly, checking all spelling and grammar. Make doubly sure you’ve completed all sections exactly as required – including any parts that require a signature – and provided any requested additional information.

Metal specification for tenders: Talk to the Arrow Metal experts

We’ll help to ensure you specify the right metal products to meet a tender brief, finding you the most cost-effective quality metal solutions that perform.

Speak to our friendly customer sales team on (02) 9748 2200 or send us an online enquiry and we’ll get back to you quickly.

How to win a tender - our top 10 tips - Arrow Metal

Posted: October 4, 2017

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