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Make Your Own Architectural Perforated Metal Panels with Arrow Metal

Have a great perforated metal idea and design, but don’t know how to make it happen? Arrow Metal can help!

We are the experts in creating bespoke architectural perforated metal panels for all kinds of projects.

Creating your own pattern is the perfect solution when standard perforated metal doesn’t inspire, and made-to-order profiles don’t meet design vision. You might have a very eye-catching and distinctive design in mind, unlike anything currently available. Or you may just want a fresh take on a regular shape, by giving it some unique twists.

Whatever you have imagined, we can turn your idea into reality, producing architectural perforated metal panels that exceed your design expectations and are tailor-made to perform in exactly the right way.

Here’s how to get started with your own perforated metal design with Arrow Metal, and more about the process when you order from us.

Step 1: Design consultation with Arrow Metal

The first step in designing your own architectural perforated metal panels is to chat through your design ideas with our team. You might already have a design drawn up, or you may have a JPEG photo that you want to use as inspiration. Either way, any kind of visual reference is helpful, so we can understand what sort of look you want to achieve.

It’s a good idea to bring in our experts at this very early stage, as we can advise what will and won’t work with your proposed design and any tweaks that may need to be made, for example to the open area percentage, the pitch or the hole size, to meet performance requirements.

Importantly, we can also suggest practical and cost-effective ways to save you money, and the right types of metals and finishes to suit the installation location. We can show you metal samples and some ideas of the perforation styles that can be achieved, right down to the most intricate and unusual shapes – just take a look at some of our completed projects to see what we can do.

Even if you think your design is impossible, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to make even the most complex design successful. For instance, we can perforate your design into separate panels which seamlessly and invisibly join together. This is a great solution where you have a pattern that features many different sizes and styles of shapes – like these panels that we manufactured for Hazelbrook Train Station,  Harris Park Train Station,  Oatley Train Station  and  Brisbane Ferry Terminals.

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By working closely with us from the start, you will get the best results, maximise your spend and avoid any costly design mistakes that could compromise project progress and your budget.

At the end of this first step, you will have a good idea of:
  • What sort of pattern you want to produce and any changes to make for performance and budget needs
  • The best base metal for your panels, such as aluminium, steel, or stainless steel
  • The finishes that can be applied, such as durable coatings, coloured, or metallic finishes
  • Panel sizes – we can perforate single panels up to five metres in length

Once you have decided the above, we will cost up the price to manufacture your panels, including any finishes and direct delivery to your site. You will receive a transparently-priced quote so know exactly what you are paying for, how long your panels will take to manufacture, and when you can expect delivery.

If your timescale is tight, we will do everything we can to meet your lead-time. We do have solutions that are a quicker option than fully custom-made panels. Such as colouring or adding special effects to in-stock or made-to-order profiles.

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Step 2: Initial drawings

When you have accepted your quote, manufacturing your design can begin! Custom perforated metal production starts with PixelPerf™ – Arrow Metal’s specialised design and tooling technology that creates perforated metal art from images, photos, and illustrations. 

PixelPerf™ works by translating your image into a CAD drawing, which is fed into our punching machinery’s software..

Whatever the CAD drawing shows is what will be punched, including features like margins. For this reason, we send you your design’s CAD drawings to check and approve, and to give you the opportunity to make any alterations before panel perforation. It is not unusual for there to be changes at CAD drawing stage – often any alterations are a result of changing project scope. We can help with any new requirements, adapting your design to suit yet still retaining panel appearance.

Click on photos to enlarge

It’s worth noting that we can make CAD drawings from almost any image, including a JPEG or digital file, black and white is preferred. So if you have a photograph for instance, or a specific part of a picture that you think would make a great design for perforated metal, this is how we can achieve it.

Step 3: Factory manufacture of your architectural perforated metal panels

Your panels are punched in our Silverwater factory, NSW, under the supervision of our highly experienced manufacturing team. They set up all the necessary tool changes for absolute precision perforation of your design, right down to the smallest detail, resulting in cut-to-size, ready-to-install panels of exceptional quality.

Step 4: Inspection and finishes

Once punched, every panel goes through rigorous quality checks, before any specified finish is applied to add colour or durability. We will advise on any coating warranties and the required maintenance to keep your panels pristine.

Step 5: Delivery to your site

Your panels will be carefully packed and delivered to your site by our trusted couriers. We can deliver architectural perforated metal panels to anywhere in Australia!

Make Architectural Perforated Metal Panels With Arrow Metal: Get Started

Ready to create your own perforated metal design? Call our team on (02) 9748 2200 to discuss your ideas, or send us an online enquiry here and we will be in touch.

Browse or download our Perforated Metal Catalogue  or  Project Look Bookfor more perforated metal inspiration.

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Posted: May 31, 2021

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