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Amazing skyscrapers: View to a Thrill

A giant glass slide, glass-bottom swimming pool and now there’s even a cascading 350ft high waterfall. Architects are reaching new heights in design when it comes to standing out amongst the tall towers, creating amazing skyscrapers that don’t just offer the ultimate view but an adrenalin-fuelled high for visitors.

Take a look at some of our favourite architectural feats that soar above the rest when it comes to interactive high-rise design:

Flowing facade: Waterfall at the Liebian Building, Guiyang, China

One of the most amazing skyscrapers we’ve ever seen, the developers of this new tower in China didn’t go with the flow of traditional urban design. They created one of the world’s biggest artificial waterfalls in its facade, making headlines around the world this month when the feature was unveiled.

The 108m-high waterfall at the Liebian Building is powered by underground pumps which use recycled water, flowing into a public plaza at the foot of the building. But because its running costs are so high, it’s said that the waterfall will only be used on special occasions for a set amount of time.

The Liebian Building is not yet complete, but developer Ludi Industry Group says the idea for the waterfall was to create a feeling of ‘water and greenery’ in an otherwise dense high-rise environment.

Reaction to the waterfall hasn’t been gushing however – according to news reports, shocked locals thought there had been a massive water leak when the feature was turned on. You can see it in action on YouTube. What do you think of this refreshing design?

High-rise ride: Skyscraper slide, US Bank Tower, Los Angeles

Would you travel down the outside of a skyscraper in a glass chute? The US Bank Tower in Los Angeles definitely slides into our top amazing skyscrapers list!

Going from the inside of the 70th floor to the outside of the 69th, its 45-foot long slide Skyslide is 1,000 ft in the air, giving riders a breath-taking view and a whole new perspective on the streets of downtown LA below.

Sandbags were used to test the slide’s maximum stress level according to a CNN news report, which also revealed that a helicopter and then construction crew-operated pulley system was used to place the slide into position.

Skyslide is part of US Bank Tower owners OUE’s Skyspace experience, which also features California’s tallest observation deck.

Images sourced from Skyspacela Instagram #skyspacela

Dip in: Glass-bottom pool, Market Square Tower, Houston, Texas

If you want a cool thrill, then you need to take a dip in the Sky Pool at Houston’s luxury high-rise apartment block, Market Square Tower.

A three-meter cantilever section of the rooftop swimming pool juts out 500 feet above the ground, offering swimmers spectacular, uninterrupted and unforgettable views through its transparent glass walls and bottom. Created by tower architects Jackson & Ryan, the pool is made of eight-inch thick plexiglass and is proudly said to be the tallest in Texas.

Images sourced from Jackson & Ryan

Full circle experience: SkyView at Ericsson Globe, Stockholm

How can you see all of Stockholm in one sweep? Easy, take a ride on SkyView at the Ericsson Globe, the largest spherical building on Earth.

The only attraction of its kind, SkyView takes passengers up the outside of the 110-metre diameter sphere-shaped arena through two specially-built glass gondolas, which were actually designed by ski-lift engineers. From the top of the globe, you’re treated to all-encompassing views of Stockholm. A world-class and popular tourist attraction in its own right, Ericsson Globe might not be a tall tower, but its architecture offers a truly unique and roundly rewarding, thrilling experience.

Image sourced from Stockholm Live

Amazing skyscrapers: Metal design

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Posted: August 3, 2018

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