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Amazing Architecture you have to see

We love all things architecture at Arrow Metal – especially the buildings that break the mould. Here are some of our latest amazing architecture picks which simply have to be seen to be believed:

The Imprint, South Korea, by MVRDV

There’s architecture – and then there are buildings that make you say WOW. Imagine a building that had walls that lifted up like a draped curtain to reveal doorways and entrances.

Architects MRDV have made this cartoonish fantasy into reality with their Imprint development of a nightclub and indoor theme park. Located next to South Korea’s Incheon Airport, it’s part of Paradise City, a new entertainment hub.

What you’ll notice about each of the buildings – apart from their curious and wonderous entrances – is that they have no windows. Which meant that anything goes when it came to the facades, which are purposefully white to mirror the features of the surrounding buildings.

The exception is a carefully-placed splash of gold on one of the facades, to mimic the rays of the sun. Head inside and you’ll find mirrored ceilings and glass media floors for an other-worldly, immersive experience.

The Imprint is definitely one of those rule-defying, amazing architecture projects that leaves a lasting impression.

Amazing architecture Amazing architecture Amazing architecture Amazing architecture

Images sourced from MVRDV 

Wuxi Taihu Show Theatre, China, by Steven Chilton Architects

There’s something incredibly peaceful about this beautiful theatre in the Jiangsu Province of China. Designed by Steven Chilton Architects, the Wuxi Taihu Show Theatre looks just like a serene, swaying bamboo forest. Due to open this year, the 2,000 seat venue will eventually host a water show.

The slender white bamboo stalks hide the building’s main facade, but are cleverly cleared around the entrances for a sense of discovery. What we love the most is what’s at the top – a canopy of metal ‘leaves’ made of rows of anodised gold aluminium louvres.

Placed at random angles and heights just as they would be in nature, these gold leaves create stunning shade cover and reduce the cooling load on the building.

Amazing architecture Amazing architecture Amazing architecture

Images sourced from Steven Chilton Architects

Yue Show Theatre, Guangzou, by Steven Chilton Architects

We have to include this theatre too in our amazing architecture round-up – because have you ever seen a building that looks like it’s wrapped in a piece of silk?

Another incredible feat by Steven Chilton Architects, the Yue Show Theatre is inspired by the exquisite texture and fluidity of Chinese silk and the Silk Road trade route in Guangzhou, where the theatre is situated.

The entrances of the building are created through ‘tucks’ in the flowing and folded facade. The unique cladding is made of a mixture of flat and curved panels of perforated aluminium, finished in an anodised coating to match the shine of silk material.

The colours of the facade in rich reds and golds are a nod to the traditional colours of historic silk garments, with the south-facing, sun-drenched side of the building featuring more golden panels to reflect solar heat.

Amazing architecture Amazing architecture

Images sourced from Steven Chilton Architects

Metal architecture design inspiration

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Posted: September 9, 2019

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