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A step up for interiors: Top metal staircase designs

Staircases are a practical – but often uninteresting – necessity. So why not take your staircase design to new heights, by using perforated metal? Through clever use of the perforation pattern, a strong and sturdy fixture becomes a light and airy focal feature that creates instant impact. And best of all, you can customise your metal staircase to match, complement, and contrast with residential, commercial and public space schemes of all types.

Let’s take a look at some of our top staircase projects for ideas and inspiration that will help to elevate your architectural ideas:

Black perforated metal custom staircase: Residential house, Balmain

When you think of a staircase completely made of metal, you probably imagine something very industrial that does not fit the style of most modern homes. But think again – an amazing black metal staircase is the very heart of this residential home renovation in Balmain, Sydney.

The Arrow Metal team manufactured the panels for this bespoke staircase, which has a very unique design that you won’t find anywhere else. That’s because the perforation pattern of the balustrade and stairs is based on a treasured family photograph. We created custom perforated staircase steps and panels, using the homeowner’s imagery for perfect replication. The result is a stunning staircase that has genuine, personal meaning and truly steps up the interior of this home, working beautifully with other materials.

Metal Staircase - Balmain House - Arrow Metal Metal Staircase - Balmain House - Arrow Metal Metal Staircase - Balmain House - Arrow Metal Metal Staircase - Balmain House - Arrow Metal

White metal staircase: 100 Mount Street

At the opposite end of the metal staircase colour spectrum, we have this spectacular white perforated metal staircase that you will find at 100 Mount Street, North Sydney.

At first glance, these look like very stylish, on-trend commercial stairs but this staircase is, in fact, the fire escape for the  prestigious office building. The balustrade is made up of over 300 mild steel panels, each individually perforated with pattern P246, a never-go-out-of-style classic round design. Panels had to be manufactured in this way to ensure the pattern perfectly lined up from top to bottom, according to each panel’s position on the stairwell.

Metal Staircase - 100 Mount St

Metal Staircase - 100 Mount St

Red metal staircase: Blacktown Tennis Centre

If you are looking for a bold staircase design then this bright red metal staircase is game, set, and match. It’s at Blacktown Tennis Centre, which definitely has a case of scarlet fever – you will find our red perforated metal panels make up the venue’s bespoke giant sports themed metal mural and screens as well as the staircase balustrade. We love how red is used throughout the centre to convey energy and vibrancy.

Metal Staircase - Blacktown Tennis Centre - Arrow Metal Metal Staircase - Blacktown Tennis Centre - Arrow Metal Metal Staircase - Blacktown Tennis Centre - Arrow Metal

Grey metal staircase: St Ursula’s College, Sydney

Keep your design simple and you are guaranteed top marks. Just take a look at this perforated metal staircase balustrade made from Arrow Metal panels, installed at St Ursula’s College in South West Sydney. The round perforation design of the balustrade panels, combined with the traditional stairs, is a brilliant result for a modern school interior. It’s safe, sturdy, and will last for years to come.

Metal staircase - Ursula's College - Arrow Metal

Metal staircase - Ursula's College - Arrow Metal

Square design metal staircase: Residential home, Sydney Inner West

Exterior stairs need extra thought when it comes to the design – especially when it’s a period property. So just look at what we achieved for this residential renovation in Inner West Sydney. It’s a Federation-style home, so that meant a square design to match its features. We manufactured perforated metal balustrade panels, garden screens and eave edging panels in white satin to the architect’s specifications, for a cohesive and seamless exterior scheme that showcases the property’s heritage.

Metal Staircase - Inner West Residence - Arrow Metal Metal Staircase - Inner West Residence - Arrow Metal

Metal staircase designs: Arrow Metal expertise

Talk to the Arrow Metal team to discuss your staircase ideas. We can create custom and standard pattern perforated metal panels to your strength and safety specifications, to form complete staircases, balustrade, and screening. Call us on (02) 9748 2200 or make an online enquiry here.

Posted: January 31, 2021

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