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3 Key construction and architecture trends

What are the big trends in the construction industry – and which way is architecture heading in 2020? Here’s an overview of the construction and architecture trends that are current right now and what we may be building towards in future

1. Sustainability

Sustainable buildings and the use of eco-friendly materials such as recyclable metal continues to be a key factor in construction and architecture. The Green Building Council of Australia (GBA) recently announced a consultation for revisions to its Green Star rating system, with a drive towards net zero carbon buildings and an accessible entry-level standard for best practice Green Star building in the future.

Commercial and residential property owners want energy-efficient buildings and homes that don’t just deliver reduced running costs but a reduced carbon footprint too. It’s why a perforated metal facade continues to be one of our top requested products at Arrow Metal, thanks to its environmental benefits in managing temperature and airflow for lower energy costs. Take a look at the environmentally-friendly facade we created for Wayside Chapel.

2. Modular/Prefabricated buildings

Would you live in a prebuilt house? Modular homes and buildings are one of the fastest growing construction and architecture trends. The global modular construction market is worth over $111bn US dollars and is expected to grow significantly between now and 2025 according to new research, with steel the most popular modular material thanks to its durability, fire resistance and flexibility.

Making a building off-site has numerous benefits, including time, energy and cost savings. And just take a look at what can be achieved. This beautiful 200m2 debut prefab home designed by Studio Arthur Casas for Brazilian engineering and construction start-up sysHaus takes just six months to design and build. Featuring 100% recyclable components, the home has a number of energy efficient systems and can include automation features such as mobile-controlled smartlocks.

Construction and architecture trends Construction and architecture trends

Images sourced from Studio Arthur Casas

3. Virtual reality collaboration

Wouldn’t it be great if you could experience all the consequences of architectural design decisions – including how a building really relates to its location and landscape – before any construction took place? Virtual reality is already in use in the industry and is now set to shape how buildings are developed, designed and built in the future.

Studio Squint/Opera in collaboration with BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) and UNStudio has already given us a glimpse of what’s ahead with its working prototype Hyperform, announced this month. The new virtual design platform allows planners and architects across the world to collaborate together in augmented reality. You can even be immersed 1:1 in your 3D model and get instant access to site-specific data through geolocation.

Construction and architecture trends Construction and architecture trends

Images sourced from Squint/Opera

Arrow Metal: Metal products for construction and architecture trends

Talk to the Arrow Metal team if you need perforated metal or wire mesh for your on-trend architectural and construction projects. With fast turnaround and precision manufacturing for easy on-site installation, we will work with your timescales and budget for cost-conscious and environmentally-friendly metal solutions. Call us on (02) 9748 2200 or send us an online enquiry.

Posted: July 9, 2019

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